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This is my editing & motion graphics reel as of June 2014.

UFCW - No Fracking Way
Produced by Storefront Political Media
Motion graphics and sound design by me.

Adobe State of Online Advertising
Produced by 12FPS.
Editing, motion graphics by me.
Adobe State of Create - Global Study
Produced by 12FPS.
Editing, motion graphics by me.

Excerpt from the eBook "This is Shakespeare: Hamlet"
Produced by Paradigm Education LLC
Motion graphics by me
May 2014

Commercial for Lytro
Produced by 12fps
Motion graphics by me (3d animations, screen mockups)
This was shown in Target and Best Buy stores
September 2012
Evolution of Search
Produced by Google
Motion graphics by me for 12FPS
November 2011

Promo video for Prizm Eyes
Produced by 12FPS
Some motion graphics by me
December 2012

Adobe Youth Voices - Aspire Awards.
Produced by 12FPS.
Editing, compositing, motion graphics by me.
Additional animation by Mary Stengel and Adam Shaening-Pokrasso.
Illustrations by Mary Stengel and Manette Garrison.
Promotional video for Adobe Youth Voices
Copyright AYV 2011

Produced & directed by Adam Shaening-Pokrasso
Editing and motion graphics by me
Music video for "Neighborhood" by Sugar & Gold. Completed in late 2009. All video, photography, animation, and editing by me.

Promotional video for Julian Cash's campaign to raise money for his book "The People of Burning Man". Completed in late 2010. Photography by Julian Cash. Video and animation by me. Music by Yard Dogs Road Show.

Not Safe For Work (some body-painted nudity)

Promotional video for
Completed in early 2011
Videography by Joel Cook
Music by Taylor Brown
Editing, compositing, and motion graphics by me.
Music video for "Everything" by Kaskade. Completed in late 2007. All animation by me.
Trailer for Jamie Dawson's documentary "Pay Up Cheaters: The Story of the Beat Farmers", from 2005. I did the opening title graphics for the documentary, and edited this trailer.